Monthly Archives: September 2012

Meet Duke

This is my baby boy.  His name is Duke and he is a basset hound.  He likes to eat, sleep, and play.  He chews cardboard to shreds and has a slobber flinging radius of several yards.  He suffers from a rather vicious strain of separation anxiety, which we are working on taming.  Otherwise, he is just the sweetest animal – friendly, loyal, and very playful.  Like all bassets, he is something of a monster, maybe an alien.  I mean look at those ears.  That can’t be right.

See?  Alien.

Whatever he is, he is the absolute best.  My fiance and I adopted him two months ago from the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California:  We wanted a basset hound and when we started doing our research, we came across this wonderful organization.  They’re very responsible and well-run, and they take good care of their dogs.  Duke needed surgery a few weeks after we got him, and the organization actually covered the surgery.  If you’re thinking about rescuing a dog, I would highly recommend a rescue basset.

My plan for the foreseeable future is to work at a paying job for half of each year, and spend the other half at home, writing with dog.  (I am able to do this due to both the constant need for Japanese doc reviewers and the flexible nature of this sort of contract work.)  I am in the writing half of 2012, and Duke keeps me company while I type away on our couch (one corner of which is pictured above).  Since he is a big part of my life, and also a particularly cute one, he will make occasional appearances on this blog.

He is, like most dogs, illiterate.